Business Restructure

CLEARWIND Capital specializes in business restructuring for the purpose of improving the clients' business liquidity.  Formally known as Debt Arbitration, it is the non-legal practice of assisting a business in reaching a restructured agreement with their creditors.

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Debt Mediation

CLEARWIND Capital specializes in mediation Not litigation.  Often part of the restructure process, our objective is to reach an acceptable solution with a creditor or attorney or collection agency on behalf of the business debtor. (Consumer debtors are Not represented)

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Capital Acquisition

CLEARWIND Capital has access to specialized lenders that can assist in increasing a clients' liquidity through capital and/or asset acquisition. This can provide much needed cash flow to secure funds for a clients' restructured amounts.

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Our Objective

To reach a acceptable solution with a creditor or the attorney or collection agency representing a creditor, on behalf of a business debtor.  Private (consumer) debtors are not represented.  Every endeavor is made to restructure a business debt for between 30% - 70% (and sometimes more) of the amount of the debt.

Our financial specialists only work for the debtor but prove to be of great benefit to the creditor as well.

The Process

CLEARWIND Capital & the Client meet together to review all facts regarding the debt origination.  CLEARWIND Capital will then undertake an analysis using a copyrighted system and will then contact the creditors(s).

CLEARWIND Capital's Restructuring Systems are effective and timely for Debt Mediation in todays economic business environment.

The Cost

NO RESULT, NO FEE!  Our normal fee is one dollar for every three dollars saved.  There are maximum agreed fees for the restructuring of liabilities also for substantial situations, and for specialized mediation projects.



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